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Estates on Maryland

1802 West Maryland Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85015



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
First of all when I moved in the apartment had not been cleaned from the previous tenant. The stove, and refrigerator still had food and stains as if the tenant had just moved out. The carpet was not shampooed, the walls were not painted. So I basically moved into an unsanitary apartment. So I contact the new leasing agents from Laramar... (The nightmare begins)I spoke to the manager, and she assured me all woulld be taken care of... LIAR... Maintenace came to my apartment and brought me 2 gallons of paint, paint brushes, and drop cloth and told me to paint....... They put putty on a hole in the bathroom and never came back to sand it and told me to do it myself. I was ot of town for Thanksgiving and they came in my apartment and changed my refrigerator without my permission or knowledge. So the day after Christmas the changed refrigerator stops working all together... Its takes maintenance a week just to come over and then two more days to fix it... They left a mess in my kitchen and used my towels to clean up the mess they made. <br>Now lets get to the drug dealers... Okay they live on third floor and all night long its like a 7-11. Cars pull up run up the stairs get what they need and take off... Its so obvious but either people are scared or simply do not care. Well my quest to move came New Years Eve when the drug dealers were standing by my car and doing a transaction. My son and I were leaving to go to the store and we were bascially stared at as if we were intruding on them and they were in front of my car... <br>Now lets not forget the fact that I can hear every word that my neighbors above and below me speak. I can hear EVERYTHING... My neighbors below me have at least 7 people in a 1 bedroom apartment, and they play the music soooo loud that my television vibrates inside the entertainment center.... I complained and my car got mysterious scratches... (Go figure) Since I have moved in, over 9 tenants from the building I reside in have moved out... Each time I would make it a point to ask the tenants why they were leaving, and they said look around you.. So instead of running from my car to my house and locking myself in, I started observing and since I value my childs life and mine much more than these ragedy, ------, run down apartments I moved... For $1135.00 a month I can live in an upscale neighborhood, not one where the helicopter linger over nighlty looking for criminals, where the gates are broken every other night, cars are broken into or stolen, drug dealers set up shot and dare you to tell, where maintenance tells you to do the work yourself, or Management turns the other way to all of this crap thats going on within the community... I know they will never come on this site and view this, but to anyone looking to lease especially those from out of town... STOP, and TURN AROUND... THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR YOU... Unless you like drama....
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Estates on Maryland

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