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Ferntree Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/27/2007
My living experience covers a span of many years under various management, in two different sections of the property (which contains five building areas).<br><br>Initially, the place was quiet and pleasant. Residents were frequently walking their dogs and visiting and the atmosphere was positive and good.<br><br>Through time, management has changed and, with those changes, the property went from a to a --. It is currently at a watchful but, because of the many needed upgrades, will never be a true without a complete and expensive overhaul. <br><br>When I moved in, the lease was a standard 2-page form. It has now developed into a multi-page pamphlet of intimidating verbosity, with many questionnable and outlandish paragaphs.<br><br>I have lived through the worst - totally trashy grounds, high crime and vehicle theft, noisy, and questionable neighbors. The corporate attitude was nasty and noncooperative. <br><br>The descriptions written by other reviewers are true and not exaggerated. The ventilation and quality of air conditioning is poor and outages occur frequently. The laundry rooms have been abused by rough residents and they do smell. There have been many auto thefts and breakins.<br><br>Several of the managers were not only terribly undereducated but vacuous and unresponsive. <br><br>The utilities used to be included but now are pro-rated; however, there are no meters so residents have no idea of true usage. <br><br>I went through hell and high water to get a drug using neighbor moved from under me - the various drug odors were obnoxious to horrendous and affected my health.<br><br>The positives: <br><br>The current management has supported many positive changes and and is to be commended. This came with a price, however, and a $100 increase in total rent/utilities.<br><br>This property is one of the few in the valley with solid block firewalls - an important safety feature. Some of the floorplans have comfortable features.<br><br>The location is perfect for shopping, post office, library, etc.<br><br>There has been the comfort of all-night security now for the past year - with observable improvement and no more loud pool parties. Additional lighting has been placed in the covered parking area - a definite plus.<br><br>The maintenance crew, for the most part, have been hard-working and available. It is the coporate squandering that has penalized the residents.<br><br>
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Ferntree Apartments

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