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Fountains in the Green



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
persistent issue I have been dealing with involving rodents (Rats-Mice) that have been observed, I hear scratching in walls and vents the pitter-patter of little feet scurrying up and down the walls and vents noise usually always at night I beliave there is a rat nest somewhere in beetween the walls or by vents this is a concern to me they chew on wood, chew on electrical wires (a potential fire hazard), they poop and pee everywhere which is very unsanitary eventually they will chew their way into the house to find their way to the kitchen or other food sources and spread disease. The peppermint oil that was used in my unit spray by a maintance worker ABOUSUTLY DID NOT WORK WHATSOEVER. A professional mice extermanation is needed it does not seem profesional/right to me for a mainante person to have to spray a regular bottle of peppermint oil for 5 minutes and walk away stating problem has been taken care of when its not, this is a really major and now even emabarassing to me, I had visitors for thanksgiving day all you can hear is rats running trought the walls/vents this was very emabarrasing  , all holes and entry ways have been sealed so they wont get into the house again but this does not solve or signify the problem that they are still inside the walls making all kinds of noise at night and during the day. Fountains in the greens has a major mice/rats infestation and management is not doing proper protacal to fix this. if you like mice and rats go ahead.
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Fountains in the Green

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