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Fountains in the Green



Resident · 2008 - 2016
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Office Staff
Okay so I had lived at fountains in the green for quite sometime. There are rats inside of the apartments walls and ducts, in turn the rats figure a way to get into your apartment. The office is completely unprofessional, I saw the --------- girl in the office ------- fratrinizing with a guy that lived on the property. If I'm not mistaken his name is -----. Isn't that against the rules? I smelled marijuana and other drugs coming from his apartment while ------- visited. I feel as though some special treatment is going on. Maybe if there was a guy working in the office I could have been able to have thrown my --- around a little bit for some free stuff. Also the landings on the steps are very loose and I've heard office staff talk trash about one another in a very disgusting manner like guess who didn't show up to work again today...-----. Also the mosquitos in the summertime are just horrendous I've been bitten countless numbers of times. People have died in these apartments and haven't been found for days and the bodies had started decomposing in the apartments and residents were never told of this. The ac units are really cheap. Kinda unethical, I guess, that might be the correct word; unethical and disgusting. I give the fountains in the green 1 star and that's only because of the trees and I give the office negative one star... Who else knows what goes on behind the scenes at that office you have one employee not showing up for work -----, another employee ------- whos having adult relationships with who knows how many of the other patrons at the apartment complex while that poor ------------------------------ ( he's who I feel for in all of this),and what diseases have been spread around from how many different people shes been with from working there like herpes, hpv, or hiv, and a boss who is only there about 2 to 3 times a week? no wonder there is no order in the office and its falling apart. when I needed ------ she was not there. I've also overheard a conversation where ------- had asked one of the residents named ----- at the apartment complex if she could have one of her Xanax. last time I checked that was a controlled substance and if she has those types of issues she should get her own prescription for herself from a medically certified doctor? Also those feeding stations are just asking for other cats to join on the property and then they reproduce and thus the cat population, feces, and urination are not going away anytime soon. Just like the foulness and stench of a place that pretends to hold it together on the outside but on the inside is in shambles, hence the motto fake it till you make it. there are definitely some fake and shady business going on at Fountains In the Green. There was also this one girl that always seemed liked she was on some type of opiates or pain pills or narcotic of some sort, ah yes ------ was her name. so I had seen ------- and her together a lot of the time so I definitely think she might be on some type of narcotic, so if that's how the office is run and these are the type of people that move into here, I didn't want to live there anymore. why have a gated community and security and try to keep the rif raf out when they are just letting them move in and run the show, like the second chance program that allows drug users to live there while a third party pays for the housing but what if those ex users relapsed and started using again then we have no choice but to live around drug attics who steal and lie. it has happened just like that post that said her car got broken in to 2 seperate occasions. Wonder who it could have been? Instead they should lock the gates to lock those people in and never let them out. Not to mention other countless events and one night I was awoken by a man of ------------- and an --------------------------- as he was yelling and thrashing and flailing around throwing things and hurt his dad as she leaned over to the other guy that she was with at that time. I guess who knows by this point, and says he better be careful bc he might hurt his ----------------. As he said here grab onto my strong hand, as my heart sank to the floor how could they be so heartless when they see that he is going through an emotionally distressing time in his life. I've been disgusted with this place and am glad I moved and don't plan on going back anytime soon. ------ do your job and get your office in line, ----- show up for work so ------- doesn't snitch or talk trash about you to the other employees behind your back, and ------- I'm sure I've seen you before with my friend -------------------------------------------------------------. if I remember correctly both of you were using speed and shooting it in your viens no wonder it all makes sense now why there's prostitution going on and no one in the complex had done nothing about it, bc you both would go to the a bar I went to and remember seeing both your track marks, well I guess you just switched one drug for another instead of speed you became a pill popping pothead that sleeps around with the residents at her place of employment not a good look for you or the office at fountains in the green just like that lady ----- drunk and hungover going into work and sleeping with residents like that guy that rode the motorcycle, -----. Everybody knew about it. Where is the owner ----------- at while all of this is happening, or are they taking advantage of him, bc hes an ----- gentleman and letting him know only what they want him to know.
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Fountains in the Green

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