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Fountains in the Green



Resident · 2014 - 2018
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Office Staff
I have lived here 4 years and still enjoy this unique, older property with the peaceful sound of babbling fountains and living in a "forest" within the desert. I would have kept if at 5 stars but the new lady in the office, who is the Customer Service person, (in her 20s I think) should be taught some basic manners such as "please, thank you, how can I help you?" I am thought to be by all other staff and longtime neighbors a model resident and enjoy the wonderful FITG Team. I have not had any issues before but this gal should not be in customer service and either learn quickly how to work with people or be fired. She is unhelpful in every way. Maintenance team is excellent and quick to respond to repair any issue...they are great and so is Security. The lead Manager also hard worker and very helpful. Unfortunately, the Grounds have gone downhill; they just blow leaves around and keep up the pool. They don't pick up anything off the ground (like paper cups, glass and throw their cigarette butts on the ground. Walkways are not kept clear enough to walk through without getting scratched up by bouganvillas or bushes (which have picked/ruined many of my sweaters etc).Rent has gone up every year. I would not mind so much if they were keeping up the old place to regular standards, but they are not. I really loved this place but they have done nothing about the feral cats, continuous gagging cat pee/spray odor. I can't enjoy my HUGE, beautiful outdoor balcony because of the numerous -- and heavy-duty smokers -- and foul-mouthed residents ... does every one really need to say [email protected]&# these days? I am really sorry but I am going to have to move soon umless things shape up to what their standards were 4 years ago.
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Fountains in the Green

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