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Granite Bay Apartments

14230 North 19th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85023



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2014
I would not recommend these to a friend. The only good thing about these apartments are the okay rent and the size of them are pretty great. I do not like the office staff they have been rude on the phone when you need something done or correct you when you are talking with them. Customer is never right with them. We have been here for almost two years and stay because of the space, rent, and as well as we like the maintenance workers. They are always pleasant when they are fixing things in the apartment and as well as the paint guy who paints things. They are very friendly and get the job done. The office staff I feel is fake. But there are always exceptions to the rules. I miss ----------- she was always a go getter and got things done and they sadly kept -------------- which I feel is very two faced and I hate to say but kind of bipolar. She can be nice to your face one minute and then fake and not nice the next. The other office staff are alright. There are some friendly who seem to take our complaints or questions seriously minus a few with fake smiles and fake personalities. Cops have been here lately quite a bit-mainly because of car break ins. And I also know the complex is not as safe as they say it is!! The building I live in many people have gotten their cars stolen as well as I have also heard of them tossing out the reports cops give them or the cops telling them to handle what issue they need handling and the cops leave and nothing has gotten done. So if you are alright living in a place which might endanger your family for lower rent come here but then again probably anywhere is dangerous probably now at days. But there are probably better complexes whom have nicer office staff then we do. We are thinking of getting out of here because my daughter is about to get to school age so I do not want her to hang out with some of the kids here who parents just leave them at the playground to play by themselves. This is also probably why there are many issues at this place as well the people who come in and their friends. Our lease is almost up which is great so just go over the pros and cons of this place before deciding. I do not know if I would have come if I have known the whole issues of this place. Oh and I forgot when coming home from work at night I see the roaches scattered across the lawns which scares me every time. I hate bugs.
Granite Bay Apartments Manager07/01/2014

Treating people dismissively or rudely is not our policy or our philosophy, so we are sorry if that was your experience! If you feel, for any reason, that youâ??re requests are not being addressed satisfactorily by the community staff, please contact our corporate offices at [email protected], and we will get you assistance as soon as possible. We are glad to hear that you are pleased with our maintenance staff, and we will let them know, thank you! As an apartment community, we cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings, including cars. However, we always encourage people to be aware of their surroundings, and follow safety protocols such as not leaving things visible in vehicles. Please feel free to contact our new manager ([email protected]) or the regional manager ([email protected]), to go over these in detail. While bugs are an unfortunately a part of living in Arizona, we do offer complimentary pest control services. Please contact us if you need to schedule a visit. Again, please contact the new manager, or our regional or corporate offices if you need further assistance.

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Granite Bay Apartments

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