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Granite Bay Apartments

14230 North 19th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85023



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/27/2016
READ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! We've only been here for a little while now and let me tell you these are some of the uncaring office staff and old apartments ever! Recently I've come home to no power on, no outage in the area and bill paid, call emergency maintenance they had me go outside and check those breakers turns out some of the kids were spotted playing with the insecure panels on the buildings. If you knew this why not tell them something? Power was off for two hours before we got home and turned back on! I can simply not stress enough that their is indeed dog ---- every where! No one picks up after their animals and it's awful when I take my dogs out it's like navigating through a minefield. The old apartment causes the pipes, I'm guessing because I'm on the first floor, to leak resulting in one of my bedrooms to have soaked carpet, a filled light fixture and damp beds, my kids can't sleep in their own room because for 5 days the carpet has been left to mildew because the office keeps telling me someone will be out to clean them! Won't happen until tomorrow fingers crossed that it actually happens. Also in all my years 25 to be exact I've never seen a scorpion until I moved here two spotted, one baby in my daughters room and another by my trash can in kitchen, most recent was right outside the front door! Including a huge black widow, that was in my storage, poisonous by the red belly indication. Keep looking for a decent apartment these aren't it!
Granite Bay Apartments Manager12/29/2016

We're sorry you've had to deal with this! Unfortunately we've recently had a group of youngsters going around and switching off the breakers to a few units. We have identified those responsible, and spoken with the parents/guardians. We believe the issue has stopped and is under control. We are happy to offer a home to our residents' furry friends, but unfortunately not all owners are diligent about cleaning up after them. We do have a "tattle tail" form in the office for our residents to use to report residents that are not picking up after their pets. They can also use the form to notify the office of areas on the property that need more detail cleaning. Our Community Manager, Eleana, will be reaching out to make sure that we are addressing all of your concerns. You can also reach Eleana at 602-866-9196 or [email protected] - ConAm Customer Service ([email protected])

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Granite Bay Apartments

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