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Granite Bay Apartments

14230 North 19th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85023



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Ashley Beth • Resident 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/27/2019
This place will sell itself to you like it's perfect, "fresh paint, new this, new that" however, upon dropping something on the floor I went to find it and found little ANTENNAS STICKING OUT FROM CABINETS MY FOOD IS IN. Upon further investigation found dead roaches, bedbugs and bug feesies UNDER ALL THE COUNTER TOPS right by the silverware, all the drawers in the kitchen, dead and poking out of cabinets, we moved the dishwasher to see what else was there ROACHES AND BEDBUGS. Dead roaches all different sizes laying about, stuff to the dishwasher padding, bed bugs ...BED BUGS stuck to the tape along the dishwasher WHERE WE HAVE BEEN WASHING OUR DISHES. The cabinets all have roach carcasses hanging out in little holes, it seemed so clean until you look deeper.. we have been here for 6 months living in qn apartment that must have been bombed at some point and the complex didn't disclose to us that there was obviously a pretty serious infestation previously.. which is illegal? We checked in the counter in the bathroom (same type as the kitchen) SAME THING. I am 9 months pregnant and we are stuck here another 6 months sense the office takes money down for rent if you sign a longer lease. My boyfriend went to talk to them and they told him to clean it. No help, nothing. They got their money so why care about their tenants? They covered up bug carcasses and told him "it's on you". I am disgusted and want to tell everyone that is going to move in here or already here CHECK EVERY THING BECAUSE THEY HIDE DEAD BUGS AND WILL NOT HELP YOU FIND IT LATER. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place unless you find it and have them clean it before you move in. I mean every thing. Top to bottom. Dont even have to pull the counter tops up, just pull drawers out and get under there with a flash light, you'll see all that you need to see. After just finding it and letting the office know they are so unhelpful and unwilling to own their discusting mistake. I cannot wait to be out of here, I feel so dirty this is so unsanitary. I will NEVER RECOMMEND THIS APARTMENT TO ANYONE. Oh and the apartments have clearly blocked posting pics but I'll try attaching them anyway so you can see how DISGUSTING this is. They covered it up and after telling them we just discovered what they did offer no help. This is insane. Didn't know a thorough check meant lifting counter tops. How disgusting. And the way they handle it.. I am still sitting in an apartment with bedbugs in the dishwasher. I can't believe they'd let someone move in here without even disclosing this. I am mortified and cannot wait to be out of here. Pictures attached but you probably won't see them
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Granite Bay Apartments

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