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Granite Bay Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I have lived at Granite Bay for almost 8 years (it used to be called Desert Shadows)and as I read these reviews I am amazed. Yes, the place is not the Taj Mahal, but neither is the rent. I have friends that live all over the valley some of their places are nicer than mine others are not. The ones that are nicer also spend about $150 a month more than me. <br> Some of the reviews talk about the turnover of the office staff, they obviously do not know what they are talking about. The leasing lady that I originally rented from is still there. The manager has been there since shortly after I moved in and the assistant manager has been there for atleast 3-4 years.<br> They have just spent alot of money making things nicer. The weight room is awesome for an apartment complex, the office is very nice and they have a computer room which they just made bigger with 5 computers(one of which I am using to type this). <br> I read over and over that the office staff is rude. I have never found this to be the case. However, I am not 18 yrs old and I do not expect them to be my mommy. I understand that there are things that are out of their control. Yes I have heard of car theft, but I don't know of any place that is free from it.<br> The last person wrote that they were evicted for no good reason. I am not a lawyer, but I do know that you have to go to court and a judge decides if the reason is good enough.<br> In conclusion, I am fairly happy here and have no plans of moving in the near future. I think that if you realize that you are living in small area with over 1,000 people and have realistic expectations, that you would think that this is an o.k. place to live.
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Granite Bay Apartments

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