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La Terraza at the Biltmore



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/28/2012
Worst property management in a "luxury" property I have ever experienced. If you're thinking of renting here or buying, don't. It's that simple. The two women in the front office act as if it's a chore to actually get up and do any work. Proper records are never kept although management swears their records are pristine & accurate. You will get a foul attitude with every interaction with the front office and actually question yourself , "Do I pay them to live here or do they pay me?" Upon different occasions you will find that their practices are so heinous & in violation of the AZ Tenants Right Act that you could actually sue. Trying to work with the local management and regional management is completely futile as they do what they want , when they want & could care less about their tenants. You can be sure, however, that you will get a worthless & meaningless newsletter each month. I guess that's what management does the 160 hours a month when they could actually be doing productive things for the tenants. If you're looking for service with a smile, this is not the place for you. If you get a package delivered do not expect a phone call or to even know of its existence. If your garage door malfunctions on a weekend or after hours & won't close properly, don't count on it to be fixed; you can count on anything in your garage to be exposed. So it's 110 out in the middle of the summer and your A/C goes out? So you ring the "emergency" line and get the reply that the maintenance person in charge doesn't have the phone numbers to any of the emergency vendors & he cannot reach the Property Manager. So you and your family have to wait it out in the summer heat until it's a priority for them to get to it. If your bushes outside your garage are so long they are literally scraping the sides of your luxury vehicle ...too bad, guess you'll have to wait until it's time for the groundskeepers to get to your area in the complex. And speaking of landscaping , expect to be woken up twice every week at 6am due to the extremely loud leaf blowing going on. One of the only valuable employees is the primary maintenance man. He actually has an affable attitude and is willing to actually work. Sadly, this sorry establishment will keep living on due to its partial owner-occupied residency and the marketing done to get you in the door. After you sign your lease, you are screwed, in particular because of the management. It is truly the WORST. If Montecito Realty actually invested in hiring better, nicer, amicable, diligent and generally more qualified property managers this place might actually run well & be a decent place to call home. **note: after I chose to submit this review anonymously, I elected to use the username "laterrazasucks". Guess what? It was already taken. That's how awful this place is.
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La Terraza at the Biltmore

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