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Latitude Apartments

1944 West Thunderbird

Phoenix, AZ 85023



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
I have lived on the west side of thunderbird ranch for 18 months. My lease is up in another 6 months and I WILL be moving on!<br><br>From Day 1 our AC leaked. The first 2 fixes were to replace the tile in the hallway. They later said it was a clog in the dranage line. The cleared the clog, but that only fixed the problem for about a month.<br><br>Our sewage line backs up about once a month. They say it's because kids throw rocks down the main drain...<br><br>Our dish washer also had a small leak... took maintenance 2 weeks to replace it, and compleatly blew me off when I said the water heater was also leaking. Because of their inability (or unwillingness) to fix the water heater I devloped a mold problem. I literally fixed the water hearer and cleaned up the MYSELF with the help of a friend durring one of their many "we're shutting off the water to your side of the complex for the day" events. I also have 2 mushrooms that grow on my padio.<br><br>I lucked out and got a parking spot about 10 feet from my door, but my next door neighbor's space is litterally about 50 yards from his door. Visitor parking is a nigtmare, and god help you if someone takes your space!<br><br>When I first moved in, I saw maybe 1 - 2 roaches a month. Since I moved from a roach infested complex, I figured they just taged along. So I bombed my own apartment. never saw another roach untill the ownership change a few months ago. I find 1 - 2 roaches a day and management hasn't done anything about them. Scorpion's are a REAL problem. I generally found them outside, so i wasn't to worried about them... but i didn't walk my dog at night because of them. In the past 3 months I personally have found 4 of those little buggers in my apartment. Both my girlfriend and I have been stung. Management have said there is nothing they can do... the Home Deopt down the road has proved them wrong.<br><br>The mail room i use has been broken into 5 times since I've lived here, and the management has lost 2 packages. This has caused me to rent a PO box.<br><br>The fitness center is a joke. It consist of two crappy stationary bikesm, and an aiging tredmill and stairsteper. It also has a very rickity universal weight set that belongs in a High Schoool Weight room. Neither of the 2 hot tubs have had any water in them the INTIRE TIME I have lived there.<br><br>The landscape is actually quite nice, and generally well kept. However the drainage for all ooutside ares's including the parking lots leaves much to be desired. there is also alot of cracked sidewalks, and broken sidewalk lighting (burned out bulbs or the pole has been removed and the electrical box covered in duct tape)<br><br>Everytime I'm in the office, there's always new people. I'm sorry I don't know their names, but the only two people that have been there for a while are a older gentelman with salt & pepper hair and a bushy mustash, and an older woman that I would describe as "pudgy" and "Frumpy". Both have a superior attitude, that makes it seem like you are bothering them.<br><br>The electric bill for me has been about $150 in the summer and $40 in the winter.<br><br>I know I've pointed out ALOT of the negitives, and for good reason... the negitives out weigh the good. Now you do get a VERY LARGE apartment and more than enough closet space (my 1 bedroom has SIX colsets!)for the rent. The neighborhood is still fairly good for the most part.<br><br>Basically, this complex would be good for a student or someone just starting their career, but I would NOT want to raise a family here.
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