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Mcdowell East Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/29/2010
When I first moved in, it was full of -------- and their music blazed day and night. Renters had friends and family sneaking in, living with them. Anybody of another race was spyed upon and your business exaggerated to Management to keep them from looking closely at their own living arrangements. Now, Somalians have moved in and taken over. Never have I seen so much trash or diapers thrown on the grounds. Helicopters circle our grounds all hours of the night searching for criminals. This complex is practically surrounded by pedophiles (check internet for aerial maps and you'll see). Parking is great, and I've not heard of any incidents of break ins or thefts. Nor have I heard or seen any apartments being broken into. Lots of fights though and police come here on a regular. Kids have no where to play, so they tear up the grounds and are unsupervised despite warnings. Strange men drive through the parking lots and twice have tried to snatch my teenage daughter. Teenagers, both from the complex and nearby, sit on the porches and talk all hours of the night while smoking blunts. Other than the occasional whiff of "weed," I've seen no evidence of serious gang banging or drug dealing. I've had no serious problems with roaches and maintenance is fairly good with upkeep. They don't, however, paint your apartment or clean your carpet except for when you either move in or out! Management is fairly tolerant of late rent payment providing you sign a "promise to pay" and your monthly payments can't be less than $50 per month. On the other hand, they are not tolerant of you getting a lot of police reports and will evict you for that. Bottom line is that you've gotta watch the number of write ups your apartment gets, i.e., late payments, police reports, or policy violations. Most of the tenants, like myself, are (privately funded) Section 8 tenants where our rent is adjusted to income. I like that I don't have to worry about having a roof over my head, but at what cost? I've lived on site in both a 3 bedroom apartment and later, a 2 bedroom apartment. While the former was more spacious (1075 sq feet), the latter barely has room for either my or daughter's bedroom sets at 772 sq feet. The overall rules here are: watch yo back and m.y.o.b. (mind your own business).
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Mcdowell East Apartments

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