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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2016
Do NOT rent here, don't visit, don't even go near it. Period. I never had a problem with insects, apparently just before I moved in they took care of the roach problem for my building, as my neighbors told me. That and the wonderful floor plan and price were the only upsides to this place. When my fiance' and I found Montelano I fell in love, instantly. Two swimming pools, a hot tub, supposedly a quiet neighborhood, security guards and security gates, and beautiful floor plans that were just perfect for our first solo apartment together. We watched in horror as the neighborhood went downhill in a matter of months (we moved in November and broke our lease today), or maybe we just became more and more aware. Police helicopters circle the place frequently, for a couple of months it was once a week. Homeless people hang out and sleep behind buildings and dig in our trash, domestic disputes are incredibly common, the police are in and out of the complex daily. Our "security" gates that made it so prized to me seldom work and the walk in gates do not even lock. Not that there's not much point to the walk-in or security gates, as it's easy to walk around them through the corridors between apartments anyway. Taking aside the terrible security of the place, the ceilings are paper thin. Every time someone lightly treads over your head it sounds like they're training elephants to dance. The ongoing joke in my apartment whenever the upstairs neighbors were home was that they were training a three ring circus over our heads. Maintenance is a joke. These are the kind of people who would place a band aid on a compound fracture and tell you to walk it off. Rather than clean our apartment before our move in they simply painted over all the dirt and nicotine stains on the walls and ceiling. At BEST it takes them a couple of days to get to resolving issues. Otherwise you're looking at about a month. We're not talking little issues like a faucet that drips, we're talking about air conditioners not working and a HUGE leak in a living room. Speaking of leaks, these guys decided the best time to redo the roof was monsoon season. Brilliant idea, guys. As such, on August 22nd water traveled three floors down into my first floor apartment and it rained in my living room. I immediately called the office and was told that someone would be out ASAP. No one showed up that night and I had to stay up all night replacing buckets and trying to save my carpet (with no success, I might add.) When I went to the office the next day the assistant manager was dismissive. "Oh, well maintenance stops working at four..." "We have emergency maintenance, right?" "Oh, well this isn't an emergency, is it?" "A waterfall in my living room doesn't constitute as an emergency to you?" "Oh, well it's not... I mean, is it a trickle or?" I showed her the video I had taken, she swore, and then seemed to take me seriously. Only, they didn't take me seriously. They decided that the best solution was to try to do cosmetic cover-ups with paint and by cleaning the carpet. It took us moving out for them to even pay attention to the strong odor coming from my wall and actually examine the inside. Maintenance claimed that they'd finished all repairs on the fourteenth, today I walked in to do my final walk-through to discover a giant hole in my wall (see pictures) that revealed black mold that had clearly been eagerly growing for a while. Oh, and this black mold, our maintenance guy claimed he tested for it and didn't find any. Funny. Our apartment was not habitable, I've been sick off and on since a few days after the leak started and they're still twiddling their thumbs and trying to say that according to their attorneys they've done everything right. The manager seemed more concerned about trying to pacify me and make me buddies with him then he was with fixing the problem. His behavior is shady at best and a lot of the stuff that came out of his mouth was unprofessional at best, very illegal at worst. We had to evacuate our apartment as it was a health hazard and the place was simply not habitable. Don't make the same mistake we did; do NOT get sucked in by the prices or the floor plans. They're not worth it.
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