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Office Staff
Resident 2010 - 2011 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/29/2012
My boyfriend and I lived here from 9/10-9/11. We didn't have any bug problems but what problems we lacked with bugs the office more than made up for. First, when we were looking at the place we asked the woman who showed us the apartments if utilities were included or not, she told us the only bill we had to put in our names was the SRP bill. It wasn't an outright lie but it was misleading. Four months later we got pretty big utility bill out of the blue. My boyfriend went to the office to ask them about it and the manager just kept passing the blame, saying that when we had moved in they had just changed management companies (which we knew and I'm not sure why that would affect billing) Next, I wanted to rent out their party room for my baby shower. We went to the office and spoke to them about reserving the room about three weeks in advance. They told us there was a $50 deposit in case there was any damage, if there wasn't they would just take the $50 off our next months rent, which was more than fine with us and we wrote them a check. About five days later the lady we spoke to called and told us they needed a money order instead of a personal check. I told them I'd be by in the next few days to give them the money order and get our check back. When I stopped by the office they couldn't find the check and that it was in the safe and the office manager could get it out tomorrow. So I went back the next day and the manager couldn't find my check either. They told me to come back again when the woman who took my check got back from her days off. Two days later they FINALLY found my check. After our baby was born we decided to move to a cheaper place so we could save money to move out of state. We gave them the sixty days notice that they require (which I think is ridiculous as most places only ask for 30 days) and moved out. We left the apartment pretty clean and in good condition, we didn't leave anything behind. Then we got a $200-something bill for cleaning costs, part of which included carpet removal. I KNOW that they don't remove every carpet after a tenant leaves, I SAW the damn carpet cleaning trucks!!! But we paid the bill and moved on, figuring this was the last we would hear from them. Until today when we received a notice from a collection agency saying we owe $200-some odd to Montelano. To put it indelicately, ---- this place. I would never recommend that anyone move here. The apartments aren't worth what they charge and the crap they put you through at the office isn't worth it either.
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