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Morgan Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2005
this was my first real appt. i was happy at first just to be out of the old neighborhood and on my own. that happyness did not last. i had roach problems the entire time i lived in my one bedroom. it was discusting. they were everywhere. i had the bug guy out every single tuesday for 5 months w/out any kind of change. when my boyfriend of a year decided to move out of his terrible appt we went to the ofc. i had gone to them on numerous occasions. i guess they didnt care what i had to say. not exactly sure why. but my boyfriend (bless him) gave them hell. he sat in the ofc for an hour yelling at management. saying that we had pictures and documentation and were going to go out and ruin them. he went on and on about the poor living conditions. they ended up moving us to another larger appt and dropping our rent about $200. but the problems kept going in this new appt as well. alarms going off for 7 hours on a sunday!!!! three sundays in a row. and no. i am not exaggerating. drug dealers living behind us. people digging in the tower of trash that seems to constanly be there. lady's of the night selling there goods everywhere. dog crap everywhere. the entire place is full of the worst kind of people. not to mention they dont know how close they are to legal action at every turn. they neglected to fix an entire bldg's lights for about a month and a half. there were no lights next to doors, stairs or walkways on any of the levels. this place is a complete waste of money. as soon as i get the moving money together i am out of here. the word safe doesnt even belong in this review. there is no such thing at this complex. if you want quality, safety, and a competant staff... go somewhere else. dont move here. and if you already live here. i would really think before renewing that lease. we work hard for our money. dont just give it away to these people. they dont deserve it. dont come to live here. just dont. you'll regret it the entire time.
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Morgan Park

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