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Office Staff
Resident 2002 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
First, let me say this. This apt complex IS infamous for a much public murder many years ago (in the mid-90 s, I believe) where a decapitated his g/f, and threw her head in the canal behind the complex. Yes, the couple lived in the complex. Oh yeah, and there's dog ---- abound on the complex grounds. It's great that they allow the larger dogs, and don't discriminate against breeds who get a bad rap, but the friggin people in this complex do not pick up their dog's ----. Ahhh,,,, yes, nothing is more pleasing than to walk out your front door, and smell dog crap... NOT! The office staff has no friggin clue what the he|| goes on here. When you first move into these apts they give you a card that tells you what your assigned parking space, and a number to call to have someone s car towed if they park in your space. Well, two weeks went by, and I was still not able to park in my space because some jerk felt they had more right to it than I did. The office was useless in helping me resolve this matter so I left notes on the car daily asking them to please not park in my space. Finally, the day comes when I m able to park in my assigned space. You know the number on the card that they gave me when I moved in?? Well, later that evening I was to go out, and found that my car was not where I had parked it. I thought, great, I m here for only 2 weeks, and my car has been stolen? Already, I m thinking this is a $hitty place to live. I mean, if they re stealing cars, what he|| else are they stealing? I called the police, and they informed me that my car had been towed, and name of the towing company. What? Well, go figure it s the same towing company that s on my card the office gave me telling me what my assigned space was. I called the office, but it was after hours, but I told the operator taking my message that I wanted the office manager to call me back ASAP. I didn t get my call back until the next morning. I explained to the office what happened, and they apologized when they realized the parking space on the card was incorrect, and already assigned to someone else. They did not offer to pay for the towing fees or to do anything to get my car back. I was livid. I parked where you told me I could park, and now you expect me to just pay the fees when this whole fiasco was their fault? No way. I demand they contact the towing company, and request my car be returned ASAP, and that no fees were coming out of my pocket. They did do that, but only after questioning me as to whether or not I was really in the right space shown on the card (yes, I lie about these things on a regular basis---------), and after I had already missed a day of work. THIS APT COMPLEX ALSO HAS A LOT OF THEFT. I ve had items stolen from my apt from someone who obviously had a key, and had no problems letting themselves in while I was sleeping. Another time where they felt that they completely had the right to items in my vehicle. Total cost to me for all items stolen, about $1800 (palm pilot, cell phone, digital camera, expensive perfumes, clothing, wallet in which a credit card incurred about $200 in fraud charges, I guess I got lucky it wasn t more). The staff is HORRIBLE at responding to work orders to fix things or even just returning phone calls for things other than repairs. No, wait, I take that back . They DON T return phone calls. On average, I would usually wait up to 2 weeks for them to respond. I lived there for a good 5 years before I moved (I don t know why), and their answer was ALWAYS Oh, we re short staffed . I don t care, I pay rent, and your short staff issues aren t my problem. Since my stay at this apt complex, there have been several shootings, though luckily I ve not seen any dead bodies, at least one arson incident that I know of, and A LOT OF property vandalism. THE OFFICE STAFF IS USELESS!!!! I ve yet to have corrigible upstairs neighbors. Through the years I lived here, I ve had neighbors who throw their trash over the balcony cuz they re too lazy to walk down the stairs w/it, who party til the wee hours of the morning on a weekday and make so much noise that is above and beyond the normal upstairs neighbor noise, I ve had them and their drunk friends puke down into my balcony from theirs, broke beer bottles on my balcony, and the walkway in front of it (but yet I m the one who got the notice on my door that I needed to clean up my balcony and the area around it), their kids drop food, plastic dishware, and toys constantly, and the grown ups use my balcony as their personal ashtray. So if all this sounds like it would be a fun place to live, go ahead move right on in.
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