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Moziac at Steele Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
I've lived at the sister property and this one. When I was at Jefferson on Central, JPI was in charge and I couldn't have been happier. I moved back to Steele Park (with my girlfriend this time) just as they were being sold. All the reviews are true. Empirian is THE worst property management company out there. NOTHING gets done in any type of timely manner, if at all. They knew us and we had to drive 30 minutes to the property so they could tell us we were approved. Once we moved in, the place was a mess. It needed paint and a full cleaning, which obviously wasn't done judging by the cat and dog hair ALL OVER the unit, not to mention someone wiped snot on the walls. It also smelled as if curry had been baked in to the walls. We switched units and this new one was in much better shape. As far as the area being in the hood, this is true, but when JPI was in charge, the gates locked and you felt protected. Now, not so much. They've obviously lowered the credit rating limits and criteria for renting based on the looks of the "gangstas" running around and the overall look and feel of the place. The grass never gets cut, the pool looks like Katrina rolled through, the spa doesn't work, dogs ---- everywhere and no one cleans it up (I have a dog and carry my own bags and clean up every time). The place has gone to hell and when you talk to the tennants, they'll agree. It's only a matter of time before this place goes Section 8 and then the fun will begin. It's too bad. The apartments are nice inside, it's central to everything, but Jonny and Jaimie (husband and wife) have got to be THE worst property managers EVER. I suspect corporate doesn't give a rat's rectum that they've managed to unmanage this place into a crackden.
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Moziac at Steele Park

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