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Moziac at Steele Park



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diannewade577 • Resident 2000 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
My husband and I have lived in these apartments since 7/1/2000 and loved living here when it was [email protected] Park, it was kept up very nicely, repairs or new appliances were put in and completed within a few days, any problems that we had was dealt with that day, it use to be an adult complex, but since Empirian has taken over the complex it has gone down hill since, nothing gets done quickly anymore, the parents don't watch their kids they just let them ride anywhere they like (parking garage especially) and the office doesn't do anything about it, people drive in the gates behind you when you are coming through the security gates, gates are constantly broken, left proped open for anyone that doesn't live here to get in and break in to any apartment of their choice. I had someone that PD was looking for back in either 2004 or 2005 and I found him in my apartment, luckly my 2 lab mixes were with me, because it kept him from trying to harm me, but he was finally apprehended by Phoenix PD, but after that when I hear a helicopter hovering above the apartments I start freaking out again. I can't wait till we move out of here before October, I can't take it anymore, because I don't feel safe here anymore and the office or owner of these apartments don't seem to care just as long as they get their money.<br><br>DON'T RENT FROM [email protected] PARK IT IS NOT WORTH THE MONEY OR THE HEADACHES
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Moziac at Steele Park

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