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Moziac at Steele Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
After going in there to look at apartments i would never live there 9in my life time the employees are so Dumb! When i say Dumb i mean it!!!!!!! The girl that looked like a 12 year old took me around. When i walked in she did not ask me any information. all she asked is what size i wanted. She seemed to be annoyed that i even walked in the first place. She started to walk me around and finally 5 min into it i had to ask her what HER mane was!! The told me her name and did not even ask me what mine was. She opende the apartment door and told me to look around. She did not tell me anoything about the place she justr stood there like a lost child. I would never rent there the apartment smelled like cat piss anyway.<br><br>I would like to tell anyone who is looking at this to please considder goinmg somewhere elce. If this is how they treat you in the beginning i can only imagian how it would be after you move in<br><br>Thanks to that idiot i did not waist my time or money. So i guess things worked out just fine.
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Moziac at Steele Park

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