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North Mountain Village Apartments

3333 West Thunderbird Road

Phoenix, AZ 85053



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altehase • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/30/2005
WARNING! I've noticed Management has found this site and have posted. Be aware of this when you read reviews. They are quite obvious and easy to spot...Now my review:<br><br> I live down the street, have for years. Wanted to finally change apartments and checked this place out. Though this area of town has been going bad for about the last 5 or so years, I decided to check out this complex. More specifically, the management. I grilled them quite hard about issues concerning noise, crime, bad parenting, etc. While I was being polite and as professional as I could be, the staffers began to grow agitated and very evasive. No one would look you in the eye and just kept trying to play the part of a salesperson.<br><br> They were as bad if not worse than my own management. They proved typical of the "new" style of management companies flooding this end of town. Cheapest labor, cut a paycheck, quickly leave before the working, law abiding tenants get home from work.<br><br> I didn't EVEN want to see the rest of the complex if the paking lot was anything to go by. So many kids runing around screaming their heads off you would've swore you were living in a school. Toddler age kids with NO supervision actually playing in the parking lot right in front of the office.<br><br> One could only imagine how things are when management leaves. I asked if that was a common thing and they didn't see a problem with 2 and 3 year olds playing in traffic.<br><br> I'll tell you from experience because I know. When parents don't care where their children are it also means they don't care what they're doing. This DOES NOT work in an apartment complex. Maybe a trailer park but not a big complex. I tried to explain this and they simply told me that this is a family community!? <br><br>I just LMAO!<br><br> They showed massive lack of constraint or any willingness to do so. Classic sign of the times in North Phoenix. I strongly suggest you look harder for a better place to live. The secret is the management. Grill them...HARD! Get it in writing...hold them to it. Don't be afraid to tell them how to do their job, otherwise they won't most of the time. Ask them how they intend to enforce the rules when they're NOT on the premises(weekeneds, holidays, etc).<br><br>This question is important becasue they never have an answer!<br><br> Also ask if they do criminal background checks on people. This apparently is VERY rare now. It used to be the standard when I first moved to Phoenix.<br><br>My search continues, yours should as well.<br><br>
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North Mountain Village Apartments

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