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North Mountain Village Apartments

3333 West Thunderbird Road

Phoenix, AZ 85053



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BEWARE2002 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/26/2005
Here is the deal.. these apartments wouldn't be so bad if the management weren't so mentally incompetent.. I think they are trained to never break a smile and talk to you like you are as even year old. The day I moved in, the leasing office said they were closing soon and do to the check-off list myself and when I confronted them about my mis-matching painted over fans in the dining and living room-they said unless they were broken, no replacement would be made. My water heater broke and flooded all the boxes in my shed and leaked into the downstairs apartment where it made water marks on the ceiling and literally filled his shed with mold.. none of which he would have known about if I didn't tell him to check because management didn't feel the need to ask him if his stuff was ok. I am a 22 yr old single female and I actually feel semi-safe.. no problem-until my neighbors truck was broken into three times in two weeks.. !!! Tail gate stolen, radio stolen, and then the truck stolen.. In general-the office workers are STUPID and the apartments are not even worth the money-in fact, they just increased the rates-AND using the washers and dryers are like testing your luck they never work-you spend over $5 trying to get ONE load of clothes DRY-I go off site to do my laundry and my bras and underwear have been stolen out of the on-site facility TWICE!!! Perverts watch you from the balcony when you try and swim and BEES infested me and my neighbors patios for at least a week before we finally had to tell them we were allergic and were going to sue if we were stung becasue no one had been sent out when we first complained. The parking lot FLOODS after less than an inch of rain falls.. my ceiling fans have yet to be installed.. I can hear people outside talking and have checked many times to see if my window was open, to discover that they were closed and that the walls are paper thin-dont try and hang anything on the walls, the drywall will crack thru leaving you with a big hole to cover.. ALSO-my bathroom looks like someone pee'd all over the walls and doors-and no matter how many times I CLEAN AND CLEAN AND CLEAN.. after I shower-the steam makes it all re-appear.. yellow stains!! Bleach marks on the bathroom carpet-inadequate closet space-no room for a vaccum cleaner.. dishwashers that dont actually clean anything.. instead of cleaning the apartment before you move in, it looks like they just paint over everything.. doorknobs included!! Sprinklers will be broken-water turned off with no warning.. also-kids wander around like nature is their day care-I often find shopping carts near my apartment-the security gates hardly EVER work.. STRAY CATS have full-range.. and I hope you dont mind not being able to see who is knocking on your door at night because you wont be able to-there is INADEQUATE lighting to be shared by the neighboring apartment.. I CAN GO ON AND ON AND ON!!! In fact, the more I write, the more ENRAGED I become that I live here STILL until November-funny thing is that I checked this site after I had already signed the lease, but thought I would make the best of it.. I THOUGHT WRONG.. so my advice is to keep looking-PLEASE.. it's not worth it-please heed my advice and look for something more worth while.. I will be in 5 weeks!!!
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North Mountain Village Apartments

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