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North Mountain Village Apartments

3333 West Thunderbird Road

Phoenix, AZ 85053



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/01/2005
As far as managemnet...they are nice and try to be helpful. Most know how to do things...others don't. As far as orginazation. FORGET it, they've lost our rent check and threatened to evict us numerous times, when applying, they take on the role of a salesperson instead of being helpful. Inform you everything is new...paint carpet etc. However their idea of new carpet is hire some mediocre carpet cleaning place to steam clean...so 3 mos affter a tenant moves in stains reappear so they can charge them for it...idea of new paint, well they just cover the ALREADY cleaned carpet and use a spray gun to spray EVERYTHING door handles and plug ins included. The paint gets so thick it added an extra 2 inches to my walls. Which isnt nessecarily a bad thing considering you can hear every word whispered within 25 ft of your apartment. Washers and Dryers...you'd have better luck going to vegas, and at least there you have a cCHANCE at getting some money...you can spend 5 bucks just on trying to DRY your clothes. They are "Fixed" once a weeks...and work for that day, if you are lucky. The gates wotk 5% of the time...and when they do can be easily pried open. Heard of numerous break ins and stolen vehicles etc. As far as maintenance...forget it. The faucet head in our tub completely BROKE off so water would come SHOOTING out, took them 2 WEEKS to fix it...talk about some smelly UNHAPPY tenants... Bees infest the complex about 6 times a year...sometimes they get rid of them...other times they dont. As far as the pools etc...not the greatest...one by the office is nice, but it has to be, right? hottubs are always ovverun by laundry soap bubbles, or just dont work. The pool either reaks of dirty feet, or chlorine, as with you usual tap water. Noise levels are HORRIFIC, they use the leaf blowers at 6am twice a week. The light poles around the complex flicker and fall over, lighting is horrible, not to mention the people who drive around the apartment complex in the middle of the night with their beat up ickups stealing scrap metals and such from the dumpsters. I could go on and on..not the best place to live but if you are looking for a semi decent place to live for cheap, its the way to go.
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North Mountain Village Apartments

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