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North Mountain Village Apartments

3333 West Thunderbird Road

Phoenix, AZ 85053



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/24/2007
This apartment community is just bad. I'm sitting in my apartment right now and I can hear three things: the tv in my room, my downstairs neighbors coming home drunk from the bar and screaming (which happens every night now) and next door neighbors crying. <br><br>The security here is a joke. I have been here for two years now and the gate has only worked for a total of 12 days, no joke. It worked when I first moved in, then someone hit it and it was down for over a year. Then it was fixed, but the codes were changed, but it didn't matter, somone hit hit again that very weekend. Now it seems to work for a third time (with the same code) but we shall see for how long.<br><br><br>My car was also broken into once. seems someone here goes around at night and steals radios (although he knows what he is doing because nothing was hurt and he unscrewed the radio instead of just ripping it out, which I appreciated). My friend woke up one night and had to scare someone off of his car, and I know 3 different people that have had their cars/motorcycles stolen.<br><br>The guards here are a joke. On St. Patty's day last year I had a party. Security came, but instead of breaking it up, the guy decided he wanted to join in on the festivities (which was cool at the time, but looking back on it now, a little scary)<br><br>Maintainance is usually very good. When I first moved in, my A/C didn't work so I got a discount on my first months rent and management put me up in a motel untill the problem was solved. I think that was amazing since my girlfriends apt flooded and her place said "tough!" Things break often, but someone is out here to fix it quickly. <br><br>Laundry is my biggest gripe. There USED to be four laundry rooms around the complex, but lately they decided that the main one near the office wasn't needed. Word on the street was that it was supposed to become a gym, but as of now, its just a gutted room.<br><br>I haven't had a bug problem yet. I did find one roach in the place since I've moved in, but he seems to be gone now. A friend of mine that used to live had a terrible problem though. He ended up just living with them and becoming "buddy buddy", since that was all he could do. It's not like its a new place though, and the roaches need a home, too.<br><br>Someone else mentioned yellow streaks running down the walls of the bathrooms. It seems to be an epidemic then, because I have them as well.<br><br>Management is the worst I have ever heard of, let alone had to deal with. I have been on the verge of eviction three times now, and guess what, the office had my checks each time. Lucky was the worst of the bunch too. "Lucky" for everyone, she is gone now. But the new lady seems just as bad. She is the one that tried to evict us the last time... even had the cops at the door. <br><br>There are some good things about this place though. I really like the lay-out. Its nice to have the parking on the parimiter of the complex. Inside seems like a park. There are old big trees that provide plenty of shade. Orange trees to add some color and the grass is usually green. <br><br>Overall, this place is pretty bad. But if you are looking for a reasonably priced complex that is livible, then this place is worth a look.
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North Mountain Village Apartments

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