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Remington Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
These are old apartments, so things are falling apart and when you have a bunch of people who think a wad of chewing gum will mend a broken pipe, then you've got problems. You can't blame the office for people..people clean up real nice when they're applying for a place to live. But the people in this place dont seem to understand what living in an apartment means. They have a place for pets to do their business...but we still have tenants letting their dogs and cats roamn free on the grounds and so expect to wake up to the fresh scent of urine and feces every morning on the lawns outside your door. Grounds keeping will also blow all the trash off the lawns to the walkways out front of your door, too. Nice.<br>I went on a month-to-month lease with these people, because I'm leaving. And they inform me that they can raise my rent higher every month until I sign a 6 month lease. So a 500 dollar apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom...is now close to 800 dollars. They like their punishments to sting, as you can see. <br>Dont live here....its not worth wondering if you're paying the ----- or not.
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Remington Place

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