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Renaissance Apartments

13421 North 43rd Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85029



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/05/2015
I am moving from this complex in a month and my review is mixed. When I moved in, for what rent was going for the value was awesome. I'd even say exceptionally better than what you'd find elsewhere in the area for that cost. It was worth it and comfortable. However, rent has now increased substantially ($200+) but I do not think the quality of this complex has increased with it. To elaborate... Positives: The staff have been incredibly friendly and helpful from beginning to end. They have provided great service at a level above most complexes in the area, so if you value that then you will find it here. I can say the same about the neighbors I have encountered, very nice community feel. Overall, the people are great. My floor plan (Camelot) is spacious and functional. Units are nothing fancy but are simple and nice. First floors have faux wood (aside from bedroom) and even a fireplace which has been a great value for my base rent of $590. First floor is technically downstairs, so it's energy efficient too. I almost never hear neighbors in their units. My unit is near the leasing office and there is always plenty of parking for multiple cars or guests. The area is nice too - pretty quiet, close to grocery stories, some good restaurants, and the 17. Negatives: The worst thing is the bugs, particularly during the warmer months. Cockroaches are everywhere outside to an unsettling extent, which I tried to ignore until they started appearing in hall outside the unit and recently inside. I'm a clean freak and have never had bugs of any kind before. Sure enough, the molding around my door/outside facing walls is old, cracked and unable to keep out even the tiniest bugs. The next con is the outside noise. Almost every day around 7-8 AM, maintenance walks around with a very loud leaf blower. Sometimes it's a great alarm, but usually it's annoying and a terrible start to the day. Overall it's too much, and the place still is littered with leaves anyway. My unit faces the pool and courtyard, which is always full of children playing who can be heard throughout the day until about 8 or 9 each night. On the first floor unit I've always felt a lack of privacy too...keeping the blinds open on the screen door or windows is impossible because people are constantly outside and can see right in. The pool looks alright when it's open, but has turned green and been closed for days more times than I can count, and when open is always packed. The outside light fixtures around my area regularly go out and take weeks to repair. Since this complex is not gated, that can lead to issues and in the summer months for whatever reason I have noticed a spike in sketchy people wandering around at odd hours. I'm hard to scare but it's been concerning. Finally, the hall to my apartment was carpeted for about the last 8 months. It was stained due to flooding last summer and when I moved in I was told it would be replaced, no big deal. However, they never actually replace it so whenever it rained this year, the carpet would soak it up which would really smell and attract bugs. Las month they have finally ripped the carpet out, but no replacement. It's just this ugly, tarnished, weird under floor so I've felt like I'm walking through some sort of construction area coming in and out of my unit...not that welcoming. Overall, my unit and experience was perfect for the rent I paid, all negatives/flaws considered. But now, my lease is expiring and rent has become upwards of $700. I am 100% certain after searching elsewhere that there are complexes for that same rent range with nicer quality units, better looking/kept up exteriors, and none of the negatives as listed above. I can afford more now than when I moved here last year, so I would not consider Renaissance again. But, if rent here became closer to the high $500/low $600 range again, then I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a nice place to call home on a budget.
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Renaissance Apartments

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