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Renaissance Apartments

13421 North 43rd Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85029



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2015
1.) To start off with the design of the apartments or the entrances in to the apartments are less than two feet apart. The stairwells on the ground floor have spaces underneath them which someone could very easily what for someone to go into their apartment and be attacked. 2.) The front building of the complex is invested with scorpions, I have been stung twice. The back section has a serious problem with bees. Two people have moved due to the fact that the management doesn't take care of the problem completely. 3.) Dog Park is nothing but a place for smoking drugs and a group referred to as the regulars. The regulars are a group of has-bins who don't work and hang around the complex and cause trouble they don't care who they hurt or how bad, just because they have nothing else to do in their lives. 4.) The manager likes the drama and thoroughly enjoys it when the regulars cause a problem with a resident and then gets in collusion with the regulars to the extent of having the resident evicted. 5.) Property management will not follow legal protocols. I got into it with one of the regulars resulting in the manager not renewing my lease. I never had a chance. I receive a notice by one of the management staff putting a notice on my front door rather than sending me a registered letter in the mail proving that I had signed it. I also received an e-mail that I accidentally found on AOL that should have been sent by certified mail. Here is the best one!!! I work nights and left that evening for work and when I got back from work that morning I found a notice that was not tucked in my door, but the door had been opened and closed on the notice to get it to stay in the weather around the door. I am paranoid right??? What do you think??? A.) I had to pull on the notice hard to get it out of door jam to the point where I almost torn the paper. B.) The paper showed no traces of someone attempting to "stick it in the door jam" by weather stripping. I checked the clearance and I couldn't even get one page in. C.) Why wasn't the notice simply taped to the door? D.) I asked the neighbor next door to me via text message and have a screenshot on my cell phone of that text message. The text message says, "Did you hear anything weird last night? I did around eight O' clock last night, your dog went nuts. I believe with all of my heart that the manager unlocked my door that night to put a notice in the door. I still have the notice that she put in my door when she knew I was gone to work, it was on a Thursday night. I tried to stick the same notice that was stuck in the door and I couldn't even get one page in! If she would do that for a notice what would she have done if my dog wasn't there. 6.) Crime free area? They had a, what was said to be a $20,000 renaissance statue, and it was ripped off... The manager knows there is major drug activity in the 1st and 2nd buildings and wont do anything about it. In particular unit 1004 as he does business with street drugs as well as pharmaceutical pain killers. He was down at the dog park one day and I seen him ending the transaction putting several 20's in his right pocket. 7.) Manager has the cognitive processes of about a 14 year old and only enforces the rules that she wants to. I have seen tenants in the complex with as many as 4 dogs, poodles. Another lady has ------------------ each weighing an easy 80 pounds a piece and they have been there at least two years. The lady walks around the dog park as if nothing is wrong right out in the open. She also knows the dogs are aggressive as one two of her dogs attacked my dog one evening. 8.) The apartment has issues as there was areas in bathroom that you could plainly see water had run down the wall and the only thing that they did was let it dry and paint over it. 9.) They also let people in with pit bulls. 10.) Water bill is billed separate from Utah; on the water bill, which is sent through the mail will also have the rent amount on the bill. It is about as sleazy as it gets.
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Renaissance Apartments

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