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Renaissance Apartments

13421 North 43rd Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85029



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Office Staff
Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/06/2010
We ve lived here in these apartments for almost two years. These apartments are nice and so is the neighborhood. It s conveniently located in town. We have lived in this neighborhood our whole lives. We love our neighbors and the grounds are fairly well kept but they used to be a lot nicer. There is a dog park which is nice but people let their dogs run loose and don t pick up their poop. The units are spacious but they are older and have problems. There are lots of kids whose parents don't supervise them and they run amuck and trash the grounds leaving trash and toys everywhere. There are even kids who look in other people s windows. There is even a kid who has stolen things from people s porches. There were even kids who took side walk chalk and wrote obscene words all over the side walks. They ve broken the fence and street lamps. The leasing agents are nice, are very willing to help, and do the best they can. But management is TERRIBLE. They say they are there to help but when you address issues or concerns with them they act as though they are so incredibly inconvenienced by you and pass the buck by offering up weak excuses and blatant misinformation. We ve actually been told to keep reminding them of things we need, why should we have to keep on them about doing their job? We ve even put our requests in writing and even then our needs were not even taken care of. We have had serious problems with our apartment and management tried to intimidate us when we wanted to escalate the issue to corporate because they would not take responsibility or provide any reasonable solutions. They are all about their best interests and not at all for the resident s best interests. Their egos get in the way of the resident s needs. The communication between the office employees leaves a lot to be desired. Maintenance staff is very capable but understaffed and work orders are not handled in a timely manner. It takes an unreasonable amount of time (sometimes months) for maintenance to be done on our apartment and the work that is done isn t up to par and it s taken multiple work orders to fix one problem. For example, five requests were made over a three month period to have our air filter changed. Obviously the air filter being so filthy raised our electricity bill and when I mentioned this management told me that APS was an expensive electric company. Are you kidding me? It s insulting the way our valid concerns have been handled. I would love my apartment if only the managers were replaced with more competent and empathetic people and the units were renovated better. The tiles in my shower don t even match and the grout it disgusting. There have been serious health hazards like black mold and a stream that is so filthy it breeds mosquitoes. There is assigned parking but a lot of people don t pay attention to this and park where they shouldn t. One of our new neighbors moved in and wasn t even given a spot. The walls are pretty thin and there have been some issues with noise. But we know our neighbors and we can tell them when the noise gets out of hand.
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Renaissance Apartments

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