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Renaissance Apartments

13421 North 43rd Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85029



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/21/2006
Less than two years ago, I was inquiring on moving into Renaissance. I thought, by the look, that I would be upgrading my lifestyle and was very excited. Wrong, I was.<br><br>The staff, one young pregnant woman in particular, was especially rude. Besides making border line, racially sensitive comments to my wife, they showed NO interest in moving us in. <br><br>They did, however, assure us that we met the qualifications, and accepted our application fee. <br><br>After "reconsidering", it was decided that because me and my wife were not married yet at the time, that we couldn't combine our income, therefore not qualifying. <br><br>Nowhere in the application, or any media we could find, was this stated. It was actually CLEARLY stated that we could combine our income, if we made 4x the rent, which we easily did. <br><br>The apartment on the other hand, was attractive from the street, but slum like inside. The appliances were OLD, to say the least. The mildew, fungus situation in the bathroom was not easy for them to hide. <br><br>As far as the application fee, we where promised a refund, which we NEVER received to this day. Each time I inquired, I got MORE attitude from the staff. At one certain point I asked, "Could you please tell me when I can have my money back?" to which I was told, "It's not YOUR money."<br><br>An ultimate insult from a angry employee. Besides being seriously insulted, we had been had for nearly $50, and a good chunk of time we could have spent finding an adequate place to live.
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Renaissance Apartments

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