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Roosevelt Square

121 West Portland

Phoenix, AZ 85003



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
My girlfriend and I have been living here since June. It has been a complete nightmare before we even got to town. First they gave us the wrong apt # and address, after we had already contacted all the important people and updated it. Then, our movers got to town, from 1500 miles away, and the office people wouldn't let them in the apartment to move our stuff in. Therefore, they sat in the hot sun for four hours until we got here and signed the papers. After that, they told us that our apartment had a water pipe break and we wouldn't be able to move in (after we had driven for three days and 1500 miles to get here). We had to stay in a temp. apartment until ours was ready. In the meantime we looked at our permanant apt. and there was absolutely no evidence of a water pipe break (fricken liers). Then Alliance hired two grungy looking pot smokers to move our furniture from our temp apt to our permanant one, while damaging our expensive furniture in the process. We were told our average monthly electrical bill would be about $60. It is consistantly $150, and there are numerous charges and fees and utilities we have had to pay that were not discussed with us before we moved in (fricken con-artists). Although they advertise luxury apartments, the appliances and cupboards are cheap junk. There are ugly fuse boxes in the middle of the damn walls. The rent is 1/3 higher than what it should be and our bathtub creeks like its going to fall through the floor. Oh Yeah, our bathroom sink has never drained properly and the toilet won't even flush a kleenex. There is no cupboard or drawer space and you can expect to pay $50 a month for additional storage. As a matter of fact I just got done fixing one of the Wal-Mart quality cupboards since the maintanence guys are too damn lazy to fix anything themselves. This place doesn't deserve our business or hard earned money. If you want to keep your sanity go somewhere else.
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Roosevelt Square

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