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San Simeon



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Ms.Crew • Resident 2008 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/20/2014
I've been living in san simeon condos since January of 2008. The first three years were great but as soon as new management took over (CRS) everything went down the drain. The maintenance is horrible. There is dog poop everywhere. last time I complained it took 3 weeks for somebody to come pick it up. there's been a bird s*** in the rocks near my parking spot for 4 months and I haven't said anything because I what to see how long they will actually let it sit there and I don't feel like going through a battle to get it cleaned up. below you'll see I uploaded pictures of dog s*** and Bird s*** that has been sitting there for 4 months. also, i find it disturbing that they keep the front of the apartments near the leasing office immaculate but towards the back where I live it's complete filth. my washer and dryer hasn't been working correctly for 2 years now and they refused to replace it. We now have Mexican maintenance men who speak no English one which I had to file a complaint on for trying to enter my apartment thinking I wasn't home. I recently had an issue where they were telling me my rent was one thing and my contract said another. this is very upsetting especially being that I pay more for my 1 bedroom 1 bath condo than most people are paying for a 2 story house. I've seen the worth of these condos and I've paid enough to where I should own this place. I do not want to leave by apartment but I refuse to stay here any longer.I will not be renewing my lease.
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San Simeon

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 03/20/2014) Image of San Simeon in Phoenix, AZ
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 03/20/2014) Image of San Simeon in Phoenix, AZ
    • (Resident photo uploaded on 03/20/2014) Image of San Simeon in Phoenix, AZ
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