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16013 S. Desert Foothills Pkwy., Phoenix, AZ 85048
16013 S. Desert Foothills Pkwy., Phoenix, AZ 85048

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San Simeon



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Resident 2009 Recommended

Reviewed 05/19/2009

My husband and I have been living here for about a year, our lease is up in August and I have to say it has been a lovely place to live. We were living in Goodyear but since my husband's work was in Tempe we opted to move closer. The mountain views are beautiful, the lake is quiet and refreshing. Yes there does seem to be some scum growing on the surface of the lake, but it doesn't seem to stop the ducks, fish, bunnies, and other birds from calling it there little refuge. One of the great things about living here is the large square footage for the rent. There are tall ceilings, crown molding, walk-in closets, large living room, and a master bedroom large enough to fit 2 beds. The utility costs are low, 1/2 the cost of living in a house. I was first attracted to this place for the nicer package of granite countertops, wood flooring, and cherry stained cabinets, but none was available. It still didn't stop me from signing a lease, and opting for the w/w carpet and white cabinetry. I have always enjoyed living here and receive compliments from every vistor we have about our condo. Some of the annoyances here are pretty much standard apartment living, the neighbors above us have some pretty energetic kids, and so the playing around can be a bit noisy, but I think it is a fair deal, since I get to play my music and theater system at my volume. I think woodflooring would be louder, because when the lady upstairs is in her heels over the kitchen flooring her every step is pronounced. My advice is to try and get an upstairs unit. As far as other noises, yes, you can hear whenever the upstairs person is taking a shower or flushes their toilet or washing their clothes, but that to me is still just apartment style living. I have always been very impressed with the maintenance and anything that goes down is fixed in a timely manner. We did have an issue with our toilet always running, and he just took the top half off and completely changed every gadget inside to make sure it ran properly and then noticed other things we hadn't asked him to fix such as the door knob sticking and immediately changed that too! I have always found the grounds and landscaping clean and the pools beautifully kept. I swam every day last summer and never had any issues with bird droppings or other annoyances. I walk around the lake every morning and find it peaceful and a delightful change from all the dry heat. Parking is great. There is a space for every person residing in your unit, though only one is assigned under the covered parking, and there is NO charge for this! When we first moved in we did have issues with scorpions and my husband got stung, but the very next day we had pest control out here and that took care of that. The office people have always been friendly and I hope that when it is time to move, as we will be transferring out of state when our lease is up that the back end of our stay here is as smooth and peaceful as the rest of our time here. I am a very picky person and do my research thoroughly as to the type of places I live in. We normally rent apartments because we like to stay mobile and this is one of the best places we have ever rented. The difference between apartment and condo living here is the taller ceilings, wider corridors and square footage. One can pick up their mail here but cannot send mail off. However, there is a post office within walking distance that takes care of that. The only other inconvenience I can think of is that the landscaping crew start work very early every Tuesday morning and so you better plan to be awake by 7:30am. Car alarms also have a tendency to go off, but again that's to be expected.
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San Simeon

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