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Saratoga Ridge Apartments

1450 East Bell Road

Phoenix, AZ 85022



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sarah.ann • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2007
I've lived here for 9 months and this place has turned into a complete hell hole. When I first moved here, Conner took care of everything and made sure that the move in went smooth. I had no complaints for the first few months. My electricity bill is close to $200 in the summer for a one bedroom and I keep the thermostat at about 85 during the day. The ac/furnace sounds like a freight train. The complex is under new management and it is just a nightmare. Service requests take weeks to hear a response on. My bathtub is painted with latex paint which is peeling off and all of my sinks leak constantly from the inside of the wall. They allow huge dogs in small apartments with aparently no restrictions on size, breed, or number of pets allowed in a unit. I get letters on my door about my tiny Yorkie, when my neighbor has a Rottwieler and a Lab that bark constantly. The management is not helpful in any situation. The pools are closed half of the time during the summer or are filthy during the other times. Aside from the actual amenities here, there is no security. The gates are never used and solicitors are allowed to roam free to annoy the residents whenever they choose. I hear gunshots coming from within the complex at least once a month. It seems as though there are 5 kids running around unsupervised for every adult present here. Just a total dissapointment. . .do not waste your time here. My lease isn't up for another 5 months, and I've already picked out and gone through the notions of being approved for my next apartment. . .the only thing left is to sign the actual lease there and that can't come soon enough. The lease break fee is actually sounding like an awesome deal to get out of this dump.
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Saratoga Ridge Apartments

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