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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/18/2005
My opion on Sierra Pines is that there way with rent is ridiculous. If your a few days late on about the 5th of every month they will give you a five day notice that they charge you 35.63 for and if you don't have the rent on the 5th day of that notice they'll take you to court and charge you 127.00 to take YOU to court. The staff here is nonsense they told me three didn't prices on my rent added with the late fees. My rent is 520.00 a month by the time they were done with the fees my rent was 850.00.<br>I can't agree with everyone else on the whole thing with gangs walk around because I've never seen that or roaches,and drug deals but I can agree on the walls are very thin and you can here everything that goes on in some elses apartment. If someone is walking across there floor your aparment floor raddles. You can always here people walking up and down the stairs all through the day and night.CArs have got stolden from here alot and Metro Center is the number on place for car theft in the United States.The maintence is good here though they've always come and fix everything that I've requested but the office staff can be extremly rude at times. The apartment are very large and nice. But I wouldn't request anyone to live here exspecially if you are unsure of having your rent on time!!!
Sierra Pines Apartments Manager07/11/2017

Since you last reviewed our property, we have changed management to ensure that our property's high standards are met daily. Our managers are available to address concerns and are eager to make you happy and comfortable on our property. We hope to see you soon around the property and thank you!

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