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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/03/2007
i can pretty much agree with everything else people are saying. we lived here for 2 years. we had a false complaint put on us and pat actualy called and yelled at us rather than ask us for our side, she even threatened to kick us out! as for the grounds: the "patch" of grass near our apartment was nothing but mold for the longest time... parking is a nightmare as well. you only get one spot and there is about 5 "open parking" spots which doesnt help you at all when your neighbor has 4 people living with them and they each have a car. and if someone parks in your spot there is nothing any one can do to make them move. forget it if you have a neighbor that blasts their stereo at all hours! your complaint will mean nothing if youve had complaint on you - even if it was a false one! we had patches all over our walls that were totaly visible, it even looked as though someone had kicked a hole in one of our doors and they just patched over that too! this place was way over priced for what it was. and expect it to go WAY up anytime you renew!
Stonebridge Manager07/18/2017

Since you last reviewed our property, we have changed management to ensure that our property's high standards are met daily. Our managers are available to address concerns and are eager to make you happy and comfortable on our property. We hope to see you soon around the property and thank you!

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