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vornax • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/07/2005
I have been living at the Cove Apartments for three months now and have been having a terrible time with their rude staff. Our very first month there we paid rent late by one day and recieved a nominal fee. When we explained we were new and won't do it again they agreed to help us out and let it slide. We only had to pay the normal rate. However, the next month when I paid rent on time the Cove sent my check back to me and added more late fees! They claimed that we still owed them the late fee from the prior month and until those fees were paid they would not accept rent from us. We were amazed because it was one of their own associates who said that the fee was cancelled. We left many messages to management that went unanswered. The situation came to a head one day when we were served. We paid all the fees...even the late fee for the month where we were not late with our rent. When we tried to explain the situation with management they were very rude and hostile towards us. Trust me, save yourself a headache and find somewhere else to live. <br><br>Also, the grounds in our area of the complex are very dirty. Bottlecaps, trash, and food wrappers are all over the grounds. I have called management about this and they do nothing. And forget trying to park your car there, they only have one assigned spot per unit...so you had better only have one car in your family or you're screwed.<br><br>And to top it all off the Cove is located across the street from the Cricket Pavillion so the area gets very, very loud during concerts. There is nothing worse than loud country music keeping you awake at night!<br><br>Please feel free to contact me, I'll give you the honest truth about this place. My email is cnwood@hotmail.com<br><br>
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The Cove

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