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Twillingate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/21/2018
This ------- ---- show of an apartment complex is so ------- ridiculous. I've never felt such an intense desire to write a review on something. 1. This place is HORRENDOUSLY infested with roaches. it's not just a few, it's hundreds in every apartment!!! We've gotten an exterminator to come and spray the damned space and they STILL come back!! It's ABHORRENT. 2. The AC is a chiller system. You are NEVER guaranteed cool air EVER!!! You have to ------- wait for the people to switch the air to cool from heat and you never know when that's gonna happen!!! Makes sense right??? Because you totally need heat in the ------- Arizona summer. 100+ degree nights??? SUCKS, TOO ------- BAD, you have to sweat through the night and just HOPE that they'll turn on the air for the next day!!! See picture for proof!! 3. Appliances suck ------- ---. The fridge has broken multiple times and completely FLOODED the whole kitchen and the freezer won't blow cold air like it's supposed to. Again see the ------- proof. The laundry room is also ----. Often times i'd rather go to a laundromat offsite because it's cheaper and the machines clean better because these don't do ----!!! 4. Property has been flipped several times i've heard. Rent gets more expensive each time and right now is the most recent. once your lease is up you're immediately evicted as they're not renewing current leases (not that i would ------- want to!!) lots of people have been in and out (more out) lately. they're "renovating" every apartment and the construction has been UNBEARABLE. sometimes as early as 7 AM making ------- jackhammering noises!!!!!!!!! I hope you all know how much of a ------- favor i'm doing you all by writing this review. Now you know NEVER to rent here. i can't imagine anyone ------- giving this place anything above two stars. so if you see one just know it's one of the desperate landlords trying to lure gullible tenants.
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Twillingate Apartments

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