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Appartmentnightmare123 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/23/2013
If you enjoy an unsafe environment for your children ..... LIVE HERE! There are CHILD MOLESTERS living in the apartment complex RIGHT NOW! We moved out when the management would not do anything to make it safer for my child! I got a sex offender notice in my mail box and it was IN MY OWN CRIME FREE COMPLEX! They let anyone move in! Then there have been rapes that happened in the back parking lot on children! You think that this place would do something ...... Right? They have no security there! No cameras.... No guard.... Nothing! On to the roaches! When I moved in my apartment did not have any roaches! Two weeks after we moved in we were flooded with roaches! My daughter would wake up screaming in the night because they would crawl on her while she was sleeping! It was so bad that we had to throw away all of our furniture when we moved! The apartment wasn't even cleaned when they moved us in! I pulled out the refrigerator to find an inch of mold and dead roaches! They knew about the roach problem and hid it from us until we moved in! Now about the drugs! The manager must be a pot head because every time I went in the office it smells like weed! I mean BAD! And tweekers are everywhere! Try going into the complex at three am and look at the traffic! Police are ALWAYS there for problems. A little boy was beaten by his father to death while I lived there too! Now the break ins! Anything that you leave on your balcony is subject to being stolen if you live on the bottom floor! Cars are broken into NIGHTLY to feed the tweekers drug habits! I mean it's bad! My laundry was stolen twice.... And someone kept stealing my daughter's panties out of the dryer in the laundry room! I went to the manager Ted and he scoffed at me and told me I must be imagining things! I guess that I imagined someone stealing ALL of my daughters panties multiple times! THEY DON'T CARE! You can only imagine how bad I wanted the lease to be up! As a mother you don't have any idea how bad this place shook me up! I couldn't sleep at night! I couldn't even let my daughter go outside to play...... For fear that someone might molest her! Construction is quickly becoming a nightmare in the complex with the light rail being built. They are about to shut down 19th ave for construction, so getting in and out will be a nightmare there soon! I am so glad that I moved before it got really bad! On to the NO dog policy and all of the dog poop all over the court yard! They say you can't have a dog.... Which might have made me feel safer....... But there are more than 10 dogs in the complex. And you can't even walk in the grass because NO ONE PICKS UP THE DOG WASTE! And there are multiple "complex cats" that are feral! When they water the grass nightly it stinks like dog and cat urine! Look for the dog poop in the courtyard! you can't miss it! The manager blows everyone off! I had so many valid complaints.....hundreds, but he would dismiss me like I was stupid! Like he told me that the child molester living in the complex passed a background check! Wow! He got the same flyer that I did from the state of Arizona and IGNORED it! Overall you are safer living somewhere else! I have soooooo many stories from my year there that it would make you sick! Please protect your children and don't live there! And when you read these GOOD reviews look at how they are worded! It's the manager So desperate to rent empty units that they post great reviews hoping it will help! Maybe if they did something about all of the problems people would live there! Be safe!
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Twillingate Apartments

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