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Glassford Hill Apartments



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Anonymousbites • Resident 2013 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/08/2016
My family enjoys the area, the pool and the views of this complex. However, The manager of this place is horrific! The minute anything is said in the negative or you turn in a work order, she finds ways to mess with you. We pay over a $1,000 in rent, yet can't get our appliances fixed. Before we moved in we were told that the appliances would be replaced because they were old. Well, that didn't happen and we have filled out multiple work orders and nothing gets accomplished. The manager must get a bonus or some sort of kick back for letting things go like they do. The yard work is horrible since they hired this new company.... must of been the cheapest. ANYTIME, there is a complaint or even a question, manager gets all defensive. "I'll just tare up your lease." is her answer for everything! Says she doesn't get involved with tenant disputes but she does play favorites and seeks out the other party, not even wanting to hear their side. Yes, we read our lease and we know what it says. But she shouldn't tell us different things then because that is considered a verbal agreement and that is legal in AZ, yet she goes back on her word. She will not bully us like she has others and we will not stoop down to her level- which is pretty low.
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Glassford Hill Apartments

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