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6980 E. Sahuaro Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85254
6980 E. Sahuaro Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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Office Staff
Resident 2018 Recommended
Reviewed 11/27/2018
I have only lived here for about a month now. When I was being shown the apartment I noticed a funky smell, prior to moving in I mentioned it and they said that if it still persists let us know. I get hit with the odd smell every time I enter my unit, I haven't mentioned anything to them yet but thought it was odd to begin with. I really like the location and the amenities; the whole complex is beautiful. It is also pretty affordable considering the amount of space my apartment has. Within the month that I've lived here, I have had my sink replaced and my toilet was acting up. The maintenance was pretty attentive and got the work order completed within 48 hours. Kris was the maintenance tech and was GREAT, super friendly and helpful. The complex is fairly old and the appliances reflect that (sink, shower, toilet). Overall very satisfied with that expectation of smell and out of date bathroom appliances. Would recommend to a friend.
Camden San Paloma Manager11/28/2018

We're happy to see that you are happy with your apartment home and would recommend us. We strive to provide living excellence to all of our residents, so when you get a chance, please come by the office so we can address the issue with the smell in your home. Thank you so much for your feedback and have a great day. Lonnie Gray Assistant Manager Camden San Paloma

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