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L'Auberge Arabian Trails



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aliance-stupid • Resident 1999 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/28/2002
This is the most poorly run complex ever. This place was alright when we moved in, but it started to become a giant trash hole since new management took over. A bunch of white trash and college kids have moved in since then. We live in a downstairs apartment and the water heater in the upstairs unit broke. Water pored through the bedroom ceiling, inside of the walls, and flooded half of the house. What did maintenance do? They asked if we had apartment insurance. They eventually replaced the carpet and painted, yes painted, over the soaking wet walls that clearly needed to be replaced, since mold will probably start growing in them. The entire situation took almost a month to fix and they refused to let us change apartments so we didn’t have to live with all of the bedroom furniture in the living room. Months before this the shower was leaking upstairs and needed to be fixed. They left a 4 by 3 foot hole in the ceiling for two weeks and did an absolutely horrible patch up job. You can obviously see where the hole used to be. The office staff is terrible. I think they went to a special school to learn all kinds of techniques of how to be rude. Any time I go in the office they treat me as if I’m wasting their time and would rather talk on the phone versus help me. I would die of a heart attack if they actually said “thanks” or “you’re welcome.” They should realize that their paycheck is coming from Me. I am definitely moving out this summer; this is Phoenix everyone can afford a house anyway. I think there is mold growing inside the walls, though I’m not positive. I will be hiring someone to come out to check and if it’s one that causes health problems I will certainly sue. I wonder how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I can get out of Alliance. Hopefully I’ll bankrupt them. My advice, stay away from Arabian Trails and any other Alliance property.
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L'Auberge Arabian Trails

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