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La Privada



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
I have lived in these apartments for a little over a year. Beside all the the insane rules they have like.. YOU CAN'T HAVE SHADES ON YOUR POURCH (ASK THEM ABOUT THIS THEY LIED TO ME TELLING ME THAT IT WAS A LAW!,LATER FIND THAT THERE IS NO LAW OF THIS),THE POOL IS CLOSED AT 12, THE MAINTAINCE PEOPLE ARE RUDE AND UNHELPFUL(INCLUDING THE MANAGER, ITS NOT ONLY SHADE YOU CANT HAVE ON YOUR POURCH THEY BASICALLY TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT ON "YOUR" POURCH. Those are just some of the "crazy rules". If you like your privacy this is also not a place for you. They do monthly "maintaince checks" or what ever they feel like calling it that month, were they give you a letter telling you that they are coming inside to do whatever. I feel that this is the worst apartments i have ever lived in. They have also come to my house hold telling use that we have to move this or do this even though i can walk out onto via linda and see people with the same things.<br><br>I forgot to add that in the whole time that i have lived here they have cleaned the hot tub maybe once, and they "cleaned" the pool maybe half a dozen times (very poorly i might add).
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La Privada

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