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San Antigua



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
First Scottsdale is in general a terrible place to live everyone will find out. That place is full of dirty politicians and cops. Everybody is fake, there is no sense of community, and 5 months out of the year it is unbearable. Highest divorce rate in country and just a bunch of old cactusheads and retirees are seem unhappy. Dust clouds and storms 12 months a year. No private sector jobs.<br><br>San Antigua I lived at when I made the mistake of moving to Arizona (Scottsdale). The place had some preety angry "elderly" residents that complained to the office of our volleyball games and we got some nasty grams. Then the cops ...READ<br><br>Casey and Power were in the Scottsdale, AZ apartment they shared. They had four guests, including Casey's sister and her 7-year-old daughter. They had just had dinner in a restaurant. According to Casey and Power, the child was asleep, so the music they had been playing was at a low volume. <br><br>Around 11 p.m., a man knocked on the door of the apartment. He was Robert Rucker, an off-duty Scottsdale police officer who was also the night monitor at the apartments. He said he had received a complaint about the music coming from the apartment. Rucker was wearing sweats and didn't have any identification. Casey told him he didn't think the noise level was high. Rucker threatened to call the police if Casey didn't close his patio door. Casey told him to go ahead and call the cops. Rucker did. <br><br>The two on-duty cops who showed up were Erik Rasmussen and Paul Thompson. One of Casey's and Power's guests answered the door. The cops asked for his identification. Casey told him not to show it to them, saying, "I'm the resident here. I'll talk to them." What happened next has left such a mark on Casey that he finds it hard to sit still when he talks about it. <br><br>"Rasmussen yelled, 'You wanna bet?' and rushed at me. I just stood there, shocked. He wrestled me to the floor of my living room. Next thing I knew, both cops were carrying me outside, one holding my arms behind my back, the other grabbing my legs. They threw me face-first into the concrete. My face was bleeding." <br><br>He yelled, "You're hurting me! You can't do this! Why are you doing this? I have rights!" As he cuffed Casey's hands behind his back, Casey claims Rasmussen told him, "You have no f***ing rights." Then, he says, Rasmussen picked him up and slammed him into the ground again, and rubbed his bloody face in the dirt. Casey's sister pleaded with the cops. "Look how skinny he is. He isn't a tough guy." <br><br>Casey says she was told, "Shut the f*** up." As all this was unfolding, John Power called 911. The tape of the call is bizarre and frightening to listen to. To a background of shouted obscenities--seemingly from the cops--and screams from Casey, a hysterical Power tells the operator that his friend is being assaulted by the Scottsdale police. "Do you need more police there?" she asks him. When Power explains that it's the police they need protection from, the operator suggests that he "just do what the policeman says." "I need help--they're beating up a family," Power tells her. "Well, that's what you're going to get, sir," she answers. "Just obey the police officers." <br><br>Thompson threatened the guests with pepper spray to back them out of the doorway of the apartment, where they had gathered to watch the police action. He grabbed Power and wrestled him against a stucco pillar near the sidewalk. He kicked Power's feet from under him, and threw him onto his chest. In the process of doing so, he kicked Casey's sister in the head. <br><br>Other cops arrived. "There was a semicircle of cops standing around watching," Casey says. They calmed Rasmussen, and he left the scene. Then they searched the apartment without a warrant. "I couldn't believe it," says Casey. "I'm thinking, 'I've never in my life committed a crime, I don't do drugs, I'm a college graduate, I've always worked hard and paid my taxes.' So what went so desperately wrong?" <br><br>As he was dragged to a police car, he claims the cops taunted him and twisted his arms and fingers. "I continuously requested medical attention. They laughed at me. One of them said I should have thought of that before. <br>
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San Antigua

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