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Scottsdale Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/04/2017
The HOA is money hungry. Recently that have decided to force residents to purchase additional parking spots if you own more than one vehicle for $900-$1200 a year and must be purchased in full, no monthly payments. I think they forgot the majority of their residents are married and have two vehicles. If you have a rental car or purchase another car and it's parked in your spot with your pass with out switching the paper work before the towing company patrols next, your SOL, say hello to towing fees and hassle. In addition, you get ONE visitor pass (that CANT be used on your vehicle), if you have a visitor from out of town for say.. a week or two, or maybe your son or daughter visiting from college over breaks, or even a SO who spends a few nights a week, you either need to purchase another $900-$1200 pass or risk being "tagged appropriately" and towed. This is simply ridiculous and makes holidays, or long visits Very inconvenient. They have offered no remedy to this. I thought I purchased a home, not a jail that restricts who I can and can't have over and when, or as often as I would like, or prevents my family from having multiple vehicles. Several other residents are very upset by the new rules. It shows poor planning and a lack of consideration for the loyal residents of the community. There is not a ton of people from other properties parking on the property, the policy is pointless and makes the community leaders look cheap, ignorant, and greedy.
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Scottsdale Terrace Apartments

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