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Sky Ancala

11545 North Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd

Scottsdale, AZ 85259



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/14/2005
Move-In<br>I was suprised upon move-in that for being in Scottsdale, the apartment was so beat up. I also don't know why each appliance is a different color. Can't someone decide on one? Kitchen counters had knife-cut marks on them, cabinet and wall counters were dinged and chipped. The kitchen sink didn't have a drain cup and the dishwasher was missing the piece that allows you to use glass spot remover. The blind in the livingroom was torn and fairly inoperable and a slat was missing from the vertical blinds. I mentioned these things to the management and nothing was ever done about it.<br><br>My bigger surprise came after picking up the key on the first day and checking out the apartment. Squatters had moved in and left sleeping bags, clothes, food, and personal belongings in one bedroom, also had not flushed the toilet. Nice. I heard later from the apartment maintenance this happens alot here.<br><br>Pool<br>The front pool by the office is generally clean, except for missing tiles and the loose cover of some device at the bottom of the pool. The back pool is generally closed for health reasons, has been drained and refilled multiple times, but without a courtesy scrubbing down to remove harmful bacteria. Maintenance said they only clean that pool when they feel like it, and another said they weren't really trained on how to keep a pool and don't know what they are doing. The water is an opaque, green color, with something growing on the walls. Spa temps fluctuate between boiling hot to tempid. Just those two. Only the front pool getting cleaned regularly as it is viewed from the office and unsuspecting prospective tenants.<br><br>Maintenace<br>I generally have to call multiple times for repairs, and wait at least a week even for important things like A/C and dishwasher. Maintenance staff turns over quickly and has ARGUED with me over whether something was broken or not. Like I'm making it up? I also was given multiple explanations on the status of repairs and the maintenance can't seem to agree with the management (or the management amongst itself) on what is happening.<br><br>Our A/C has gone out twice (during the summer, of course) and we had to fight to get into one of their executive suites until the bungling idiots completed the job (usually a week). Office staff were rude, unconcerned, and didn't return phone calls as they said. The maintenance tends to do more damage than good, leaving greasy handprints on walls, spilling tile glue (which cannot be removed so far) on tile and walls, leaving keys in the front door and exiting for the day, and using the toilet and not flushing or lowering the lid. Nice again. The A/C unit has been leaking since the last "repair" to the tune of a bucket of water a day. Our toilet tank lid was replaced with one that is too big and falls off, carpet cleaners where scheduled as part of a lease renewal deal and didn't show up.<br><br>Mail<br>I've had packages delivered to the office and no notice was given to me, then nasty letters are sent out saying how long it's been sitting there (2 months) and I better pick it up already, that they are not a storage facility. Well after 2 months, I think they are. They've given us other peoples' packages too and we had to return them. Their excuse is the mail carrier is supposed to let us know. Except this is considered a rural route and there are lots of temp carriers, out of Fountain Hills no less. About 1/3 of our mail never makes it.<br><br>Grounds<br>They recently redid the landscaping - up front where incoming customers can see it (again) but the old stuff is still in the back area with no plans for improvement. The outdoor lights are curiously out at night many times and it has been pitch black and not real safe.<br><br>Beasties<br>I was accused of parking in someone else's spot and handed a letter to that effect (never happened), and that neighbors were complained that I didn't pick up after my dog (don't have one - another letter) - yet the neighbors had two unleashed and uncontrolled dogs that constantly charged and barked at us when we were trying to enter our apartment must not have been told much because it continued for a year before they left.<br><br>Construction<br>Walls are thin and I can hear the neighbor urinating in the morning, and his bedsprings when he has a female guest over. There is a large discrepency between temperatures from one side of the apt to the other, and you have to freeze out the one side to cool down the other. When the A/C works.<br><br>Management (sort of)<br>I don't think the manager has control of the staff or unruly residents. The staff has been short with me, strangers to the notion of customer service, and unknowing of what maintenance was up to. My only hope is that they rotate out again and new staff replaces.<br><br>PR<br>They are putting on a big production right now (and patting themselves on the back) collecting money now for the homeless, and with the same notice came one said some homeless kids have been hanging around and we should call the police on them, and if we help them we will be evicted. They are accused of sleeping on the benches at the pool (don't go near the water!), washing their clothes in the hot tub (the devils!), and lookin in the dumpsters for things to live with (which is what a number of the residents do, too). Maybe they should give them the money they collect maybe hook them up with resources so they don't have to live outside. Maybe they should put their money where their mouth is.
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Sky Ancala

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