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The Allison Condominiums



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
I currently live in Scottsdale Desert Shadows and found out from one my neighbors that they were told everyone in our building had to be out at the end of February. It doesn't seem to matter to these people that some of us have leases. Also, who would buy a condo from this place? They want way too much for even a one bedroom condo (asking price for residents is $164,000) and my neighbor said her two bedroom was going for $250,000.<br><br>This complex has been plauged with all sorts of pluming problems which maintainance refuses to fix, the air conditioning is old and leaks, and of course the issues with mold. I hope people will avoid buying units in this place because you will be paying to fix issues. <br><br>The management is completely nasty and doesn't want to work with residents. They seem to have this "we want you out" tactic just so they can get your apartment to convert it. The complex across the street (Sanoran Vista) went condo months ago and now is back to renting as apartments because they couldn't get buyers. The rent they are asking is completely outrageous and way too overpriced for the area. <br><br>The people that bought this place obviously didn't get the news that condo conversions have ended and the craze is over. With all the issues this complex has as apartments the new condo you might be seeing is all cosmetic. To pay $164,000 or more for a one bedroom is pretty rediculous especially with all the things they never repaired. Also, the insulation is terrible and the electric bills were awfully high. <br><br>I'd avoid this place and buy elsewhere because you'll end up being stuck with someone else's problem because the complex management failed to fix things. I know we're moving and not coming back.
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The Allison Condominiums

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