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Tradition at Kierland



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
GOOD:<br><br>I live on the 3rd floor, so I haven't had ANY bugs, scorpions, or other critters.<br><br>My apartment and carpet was clean, when I moved in. <br><br>I have had to call for maintenance several times, and they've always come right away. No waiting. <br><br>I had a little noise problem with the neighbor, whose radio alarm would BLAST me out of bed at 5am and keep me awake for over an hour!!! I told management--they called the neighbor immediately--and I had quiet.<br><br>Management was good to me when it came to renew my lease; they gave me the terms I asked for.<br><br>I use the gym, and the equipment is fine. As good as any paid gym/spa and it's less busy.<br><br>The pool did get a little murky for awhile there, but it has since been cleaned up.<br><br>I see people working on the landscaping everyday here. However, many bushes and shrubs appear to be dead after some recent freezes we've experienced. I am not sure how this issue will be dealt with, since it seems to be a very expensive proposition to replace all that died.<br><br>The Mark Taylor office staff was less professional looking than the Lincoln folks are, although I had fun with the Mark Taylor gang. The Lincoln gang is more business-like, less chatty-friendly. Which is ok by me.<br><br><br>BAD:<br>I resented finding out that Lincoln took over via a notice about water problems. I felt that Mark Taylor OR Lincoln OR BOTH should have told the tenants of the change when it took place. <br><br>Lincoln had some persistent problems with the gate mechanisms. I think they have fixed it now.<br><br>I did have a little problem when Lincoln took over--they had a manual(!?!) accounting system, and I got an eviction notice shortly after I paid my rent ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE. I got a "little upset," i.e., I was screaming and yelling! But they took care of it immediately.<br><br>I did hear that a neighbor's car was broken into, car windows smashed, and that several personal possessions were stolen. I lock my car now, and make sure there isn't anything in sight to tempt a would-be thief.<br><br>OVERALL, I LIKE IT HERE.<br><br>I LOVE my location in Kierland. Everything I want and need is nearby, and this is one of the better neighborhoods in Scottsdale. Yes, it's pricey here--you can get an apartment in a less notable, and less convenient location for $300-400 less month. But you wont be living in Kierland, and the apartment won't be quite as nice. <br><br>It's really a question of what you WANT, what you NEED, where you want to live, and what you're willing to pay for those desires. It's worth it to me--but other people have different needs and desires. This IS a rental apartment afterall--it's not a house--and apartments have drawbacks and can't possibly suit everyone. <br><br>I intend to stay here until it's time to go. I consider myself fortunate to live where I do, and I appreciate it. If this place went condo, I'd be tempted to buy it.
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Tradition at Kierland

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