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Villa Montana

11350 East Sahuaro Drive

Scottsdale, AZ 85259



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/25/2005
My air conditioning went out in mid-July. It took this company 2 weeks to get it back and running. After week one, a key was offered for an empty apartment...So that I could do a temporary move-out until the air got up and running? And then move back in? Are you kidding me? It wouldn't make more sense to call a licensed contractor? They couldn't spend a few hundred bucks on a new compressor for my a/c?<br><br>Having no other choice, I ended up staying at my brother's house for the duration. At the end of all this I sat in the management office for the following phone conversation.<br><br>Manager (dials phone) : Hi, this is Lucy(name changed) I have a resident who was without air for 2 weeks and he wants to know what we can do as compensation.<br><br>(Boss presumably asks her to pro-rate my rent for the month)<br><br>Manager: But I can't do that, because that would only be $380. (Meaning she couldn't give me the correct compensation because then my monthly rent check would be <br>'too small'.) <br><br>(Boss presumably says, ok give him one week.)<br><br>Manager takes one week of my rent.<br><br>So I'm supposed to then argue over the value of a/c? As if that wasn't obvious? I took my abridged compensation and looked forward to the end of my lease, assuming they'd remember me and have a little class.<br><br>As a sign of their sympathy the managment charged me $110 in moveout fees which at move out I had been told were waived. If someone waives a fee, dont you usually assume they mean that the fees have been thrown out? Well, at Villa Montana, waiving just means 'set aside until move-out'. And while that is technically a definition for waived, its like number 4 or 5 in Webster. Not exactly common usage. Fraud? Not exactly. Misleading, well it was to me. <br><br>Do yourself a favor and check out a different property.
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Villa Montana

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