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7979 East Camelback Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85251



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
There are many issue with this apartment complex, but I will only name a few.<br><br>APARTMENTS: The buildings are old and need work. The walls are paper thin and you will probably hear other people's tv's, radio's, showers, conversations, etc. The price is also rising rapidly, making this place definitly too expensive for the quality. They only plus is location.<br><br>THE 4 P's: People, Parking, Pools, and Poop. People are first. The management and office staff are pretty useless. There is one person that has always been helpful but the rest do not possess adeqaute customer service skills. On to parking. Not too bad but depends on where you live as to how close you are to unreserved spaces. It can be a pain if you are far from them. Pools and hot tubs. Pools are never crowded unless you count all of the crap* floating or settled on the bottom of them. *crap includes: large parts of palm trees, other leaves and grass, beer cans, bottle caps, rocks, and dirt. Hot tubs are more or less warm tubs and often contain some of the afore mentioned crap*. Poop is everywhere. Don't walk in the grass unless you want poop on your shoes. <br><br>WATER: The water gets turned of here a lot. They say its for maintainance but when it happens once or twice a week it is VERY INCONVENIENT! One would think that the chances being in the shower when the water gets turned off is great but it has happened to me twice. They don't tell us about it in advance and NEVER do you get compensated on your water bill.<br><br>This is a situation that you could face if you move here: You wake up for work early in the morning after only 3-4 hours sleep because of your noisy neighbors. Go to work(could be good or bad). You come home from work and have to park far away from your apartment. Your walking to your place and you have walk in the grass to avoid the sprinklers watering the sidewalk. (Mind you concrete does not grow or need to be watered) So you accidenly step in dog poop. You wipe off the bottoms on the grass but there is still some poop on the side of your shoe. You hurry inside to use the toilet, but when you flush your poop goes nowhere because the water is shut off. Now your apartment smells like the outside and there will be nobody in the office to tell you when the water will be back on. <br><br>
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