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909 West Apartments



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Tough • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/22/2007
After just doing a legal lease break at another complex that was totaly screwed up...as an emergency, I ended up moving to Tempe Groves bout a little less than a month ago (and signing a year lease). I need to learn to do my research properly...cause almost everything bad ive read here is true if not worse! Managment seems ok at first, but then it gets ugly once you've been here and discover how bad this place really is and complain and ask for it to be fixed. Like someone else said in another review, they are all nice and professional while rackin you in to sign the lease, and then after your signed in, they treat you like s**t. And ive figured this out in less than a month. There's only 2 people in managment here I will say that are half way decent, they def dont fit in with the real boss, and unfortunatly, they cant do a whole lot (else this place would prob get cleaned up!). The real boss I speak of is some snooty stuck up kinda gal (wont mention a name for legal reasons) and trust me, she is a stuck up and rude ----- with a capitol B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The apartment itself...filthy! A dump! Was the day i moved in, never cleaned or nothin (and they "claimed" it was and I argued with this woman over it too). There are pictures on rent.com of this place and honest to god, the pics are fake!!!!!!! The apartment inside they show IS NOT here! This place is a true slum on the inside! The only true pic is the outside and believe me, even if you were physicly here, the outside would fool you and you'd never expect what's on the inside! And the MAJOR problem aside from it being filthy (almost beyond repair filthy acording to the professional cleaning service I had come over here to give me an estimate) is im invaded by every thing from sewer roaches, crickets, some creatures I never seen in my life and the worst of it all....fire ants!!!! They were literally living in my f**kin stove and I cant even cook in the kitchen! There was a literal city on my kitchen floor the other day. I will say they got the pest control out here pretty quick, but it only helped a little. Also the bathroom's are so disgusting, I havent had a true shower in almost the whole month I been living here...been having to wash myself out of the sink like some criminal on the run or something (guess the lifestyle im forced to be living at the moment fits the look and slum feel of this whole damn place!). And last night, I couldnt even sleep as I was swating flying things and then whoever lives upstairs was running a stampeed of f**king elephants through their apartment all damn night! (at least thats what it sounded like!). Also, my satalite dish was vandalised by degenerate kids last night...which is gonna cost me 70 bucks to have fixed. And one last thing, to top it all off, the living room is so g. damn narrow and shaped odd, that I can't even arrange my 3 piece furniture set or any of my normal living room things as they should be! Looks like a f**kin storage room, and I have no choice! I'll say it again, this apartment is a damn scum hole ------. Ive never in my life been in something so filthy, scummy, pathetic and bug/pest infested. It's hard to believe places like this exsist for the price they charge!!!! I honestly dont think im gonna make it here a year if someone don't do something and fast! If I have to somehow drag up the 2 thousand bucks or so to break the lease here, I may actually just do that to save my sanity and personal hygene...bottom line, DO NOT move here and ALWAYS do deep research before moving anywhere unlike I did...i've just learned this the hard way folks :(
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909 West Apartments

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