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Garden Grove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/06/2005
We live in a tiny one bedroom apartment and decided that it was time to move into a bigger apartment. We moved to anthore building to bigger apartment and have had roach problems ever since! The person who lived here before us transferred apartment and when we asked the office staff if they knew why she moved aparments they said they weren't sure. The lady lived alone in a 2 bedroom apartment and i am almost positive its because of the roaches. The whole building is infested.And not with the little kind of roaches! im talking about the size of your index finger roaches! I've had the pest control come and spray 5 times and they have bombed the WHOLE ENTIRE building and it's worse now then ever. Dont take your dog out at night or even try to walk on the side walks because the roaches run all over the place at night. In these past 2 days i have killed 4 roaches and the guy downstairs told us that they see 5-10 a day! Its insane! We are not dirty people and we moved to the top floor to avoid bug problems but this place is infested! They come out of the tub drain, toliet, faucets.. you name is they come out of it.. I have a baby in this apartment who is walking now and it's unacceptable to have roaches. Look else where when you are looking to rent or learn to love roaches!
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Garden Grove Apartments

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